Thursday, July 30, 2009

Exhausted..And stressed all in one..

Okay so this morning i woke up early..I hate sleeping late it always makes the rest of the day lazy and tired for me...Although i woke up feelin quite good,but then my children had to wake up already starting to be bad, my sons started fighting the min they opened their eyes, my 18month old you can't even touch him anymore without him crying and getting mad, all he ever wants to do it hit you in the face and kick you..I honestly dont know what has gotton into my boys over the summer Mason used to be so sweet and lately its like he is already hitting the terrible two's already, with landon and logan 24/7 fighting its like they never ever wanna be nice to one another!...I thought my daughter was a pain in the butt, but no where near my sons, Gosh i love them more then life, but they never seem to give me a break..I dont understand why they dont just play and be good and nice to one another!...This totaly isnt helping with the stress of my husband leaving for 15months, it just seems like they never ever give me a second to breath, cause im always having to focus on them fighting and hitting one another, and my 18month old bein mean, he never wants to share and is always hitting..I totaly feel like im gonna lose it, when logan cries 24/7 all i have to do is raise my voice and its like he has been beaten..But he still doesnt listen either, he is just a super easy kid how will cry about anything that comes to close to him....Ilove them so much and wouldnt give them up for nothing..But im seriously in the need of a break or something isnt gonna be looking to just so exhausted and stress, that the life of a stay at home mommy with 4 small children to close in age, has taken its toll!!!>..i can't wait for school to start, although that means kevin will be leaving us,....but i know i cant have it both ways and i know i cant have it the way i want it so i will take it the other way school needs to come sooner =) thats all for now will update again

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