Monday, July 27, 2009

Had a Good Day..Still missing my daughter

Well yesterday i had a very good day, kevin was off work and we spent most of the day together, i got in the pool for a bit but water was to cold so i got out, me and kevin fixed breakfast for dinner, pancakes, and bacon was yummy!..He finished traning on post so had the day off it made me feel wonderful and i was some what stressed free! =) i know there are only a couple more of these days to come so im trying to enjoy them!..But it was back to work today for LB&B, so we can have a paycheck..Hopfuly this weekend will be our weekend and the last for LB&B...please keep us in your prayers =) God bless and remember i appericate all the help that has been offered!...Once again im very thankful =)

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