Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Daddy Please Dont go

Okay i've been feeling a little better, but ive been doing alot of thinking and writting and ive come up with a few good poems!...These are for my Love of my life Kevin. d.Scheller i love you with all my heart honey!

From the moment I met You,
Love has filled my heart.I will belong to you forever,
I knew it from the start.You make each day worth living,
You make me feel worth while.You fill my life with laughter,
You always make me smile.
Your love and endless kindness have gently filled my life.
I pledge my love to you forever, I'm proud to be your wife.

Daddy Please Dont go.

Daddy don't go .Pretend you don't have a war to fight.

Tell mommy everything is going to be alright.
I'm worried about mommy she is very sad.
sometime it really makes me mad..
Daddy please stay here with us and.
daddy please don't go catch that bus.
Now i am beginning to fuss. Daddy do you have to go?
To place that I will not know...
Now daddy has flown away to a place where they are ahead yet another day.
Mommy tries to smile but its only once in a while.
When she looks at pictures of you she starts to get blue.
She misses you so much she said she misses your touch.
Daddy will you call everyday?Daddy why did you have to go away?
Daddy I love you and miss you so much.
Daddy come home soon so i can feel your touch.

A poem from me, for my kids, to our hero =(

Kevin Please hurry home,
As I drive you to the airport.
knowing you'll be gone for long
you'll be leaving us soon.
but it's your job it must be done ,with tears in our eyes
we bid our goodbyes.I've asked you to be strong please don't cry.
As I walk away I won't turn back as much as my heartaches
I know you'll be back, as we walked to the car
I said kids please don't cry its only for awhile
not a forever goodbye.
I said daddy will be back soon but not soon enough
till then we have to be rugged we have to be tough
you'll be gone for 15 months and only days will passed
I wonder if I'll make it, how will I last?
the loneliness I feel, the tears I have shed
are just the beginning of a rough road ahead
the days they are long and the nights they are lonely
I have dreams about you when you were here to hold me.
these days will not last forever they will soon dwindle down
you will first have to travel the whole world around
just know that we miss you and please don't prolong
hurry home darling back home where you belong


Your gone and im alone.
Trying to deal with the pain of you not here at home.
for you its day while its night for me.
only because your a million miles away over seas.
ive learned new things some bad and some fun.
but none of them will matter when this deployment is done.
as this time goes on and disappears.
you will be in my heart as i wait for you here

I love you Kevin D. Scheller


  1. Oh Girl I'm gonna go through this journey with you and follow your blog everyday. You can call me anytime I told you that. I can't imagine what you are going through. Big Hugs!!

  2. Nicole
    Thanks so much, im reazling im finding this harder then i expected...But i am trying i just let me daughter go to tx for two weeks to visit my sister so im finding myself a little more stressed out then i expected i plan on writting alot more tonight, when i got time...Thanks again..

    Love christina kevin and kids =)